A letter from The Silologist….

What is a Silology?

Essentially – Silology is the study of products within a storage vessel.
I get asked from time to time; a silo is a big, round, cylinder made of metal that holds products… What more is there to it?
Well readers, to me studying a silo mean so much more; 
Like how does the grain empty from the silo? 
What are the accessibility or safety measures of the silo? 
What is the optimum length of time for storage? 
How can we maintain grain quality? 
I mean I could spend the rest of this journal listing what I look for but that is not going to be very insightful or it maybe even interesting for you.
My goal with this blog is that I am going to use various aspects of grain storage and provide you, my readers with all the knowledge within my head.  I want each of you to be passionate, understanding and educated, and just maybe a little bit obsessed with keeping your grain safe,  ‘because every grain counts’. 
Stay tuned my friends

The Silologist