A message from The Silologist 2.0

A green combine harvester operating in a vast, golden wheat field under clear blue skies, with swirl patterns in the harvested area.

2020 saw a lot of changes. Changes to our economy, changes to our landscape, changes to the world as we knew it before. But for me, the biggest change I saw was the ever-growing sense of community and support within our region. I have always known that we at HE Silos are a team, a…

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What Insects Could be Living in your Grain?

Flowchart for identifying common grain pests with illustrations of each beetle type and their characteristics, labeled by their physical features.

Welcome back for another  instalment of Steve, The Silologist. With harvest in full swing for some and coming to a closure for others; I thought it was best to keep the conversation going. Last time we covered the importance of fumigation, this time I’m taking it a step further to look at what are we…

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