A message from The Silologist 2.0

A green combine harvester operating in a vast, golden wheat field under clear blue skies, with swirl patterns in the harvested area.

2020 saw a lot of changes. Changes to our economy, changes to our landscape, changes to the world as we knew it before. But for me, the biggest change I saw was the ever-growing sense of community and support within our region. I have always known that we at HE Silos are a team, a working family, a community, but these past 12 months have really tried, tested and exceeded all expectations of community living, of support and of unity.

For many regional communities, the fear of Covid-19 struck us deep. Coming off the back of a dire drought, followed by devastating bushfires, the Australia’s farming population couldn’t take much more. But as one of the only industries who can overcome such heartbreak we persevered and have delivered on the best crop seen in decades.

I don’t want to focus this year on the things HE Silos couldn’t do because of COVID-19 but focus on the things we were able to achieve. We grew due to what we went through.

Many team members developed their skills in various backgrounds in support of their business. Stevie-leigh Morrison and Gabi Sands attended a Work & Health Safety course in March to gain knowledge in the new norm of post pandemic life and what is required to ensure a safe working environment. Likewise, six HE Team members undertook a Confined Spaces training course to refresh their skills and grain new ones. Gabi also completed her Diploma of Human Resources earlier this year stepping into Human Relationship Specialists role. 2020 saw HE Silos join forces with Zoe Weekes as our new business trainee. Welcome to the team Zoe. HE Silos welcomes many new team members into our midst.

We celebrated team members; Phillip Wright and Geoffrey (Ashy) Ashcroft surpassing 20 years working for HE Silos Forbes; Gregory (Cookie) Cook surpassing 10 years; and Patrick Hanstock and Robyn McLean reaching 5-year milestones. All these members have shown great dedication and commitment to HE Silos over the years and are huge assets to the company.

While the majority of events were cancelled or postponed, HE Silos had the privilege to attend prior to the pandemic outbreak the Forbes and Parkes edition for the Lifestyle Magazines. This magazine showcased a variety of businesses through the local towns. In July, the Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) was transformed into a virtual conference. Members of the HE Team had the pleasure of participating in their first virtual conference. This year at AGIC, our team’s major takeaway was the trade implications from China regarding barley and wheat, as well as the NSW season will be the best in years. AGIC out done themselves this year despite the uncertainty at the start of the event. Following AGIC was the Australian Grain Storage & Protection Conference held remotely on October 14. HE Silos was an active sponsor at the event.


We look forward to the prospect of 2021, and what it will bring through many opportunities. HE Silos will be attending Bulk 2021, AGIC, Agribusiness today and all your favourite Field Days. 

Overall, whist not as eventful as last year; it would be hard to beat HE Silos turning 50. HE Silos continues to demonstrate growth and community spirit. Through all the struggles, our community has come together and fought against the odds and we’re excited to continue to delivery world class products to the Australian farming community for many years to come. The team at HE Silos wishes you all the best for the upcoming year, through the bumper harvest and merry and safe Christmas celebrations.

Stay tuned and say goodbye to 2020,

Yours faithfully,