Its been a crazy week for the HE Silos Team

A woman presents at a podium in a conference room filled with attendees, banners and logos of sponsors visible in the background.

It’s been a busy week for the HE Team we presented Australian Grain Storage Techniques at an invitational only Trade Assembly to Private Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack.

We had the pleasure of presenting our Australian Grain Storage Techniques at an invitational only Trade Assembly with a Sudanese delegation on Australian Agriculture, in Orange NSW.

This meeting was organised by Brent Bannister, the Senior Export adviser with the DPI. The meeting comprised of 9 speakers from the Genetics Industry Apiam Animal Health, agricultural machinery options, herbicide products, and HE Silos Grain Storage options and innovative products.

Delegates showed great enthusiasm for Australian products. With our superior manufacturing skills and advanced knowledge of the agriculture sector, representatives from HE Silos spoke at length at the conclusion of the presentations with the majority of the delegates on their expectations and requirements going forward in regards to agriculture improvements in their country. The Sudanese delegates were incredibly passionate about their country going forward, and their deep interest in agriculture has a firm base, with their major cropping systems being irrigation and rain fed cropping and with heavier rainfall in the southern provinces being able to sustain both cropping and stock.

With approximately 8 million people facing moderate to high levels of food insecurity, agriculture, best practice farming, and the secure storage of food is at the forefront of the Sudanese delegates mission.

Late Friday afternoon, HE Silos was invited to an afternoon tea with Michael McCormack from The Nationals Party to discuss the future of Australian Farmers in the upcoming election. Stevie and Joshua Morrison were accompanied by founders Patsy and Ivan Morrison as representatives of the HE Silos Team.