Choosing the right silo for you

G’day and welcome back to the Silologist blog post.

Let’s talk silos. How do you choose the right one for you?
Choosing the right silo can be a daunting task, so to make things easier we have answers a few FAQ’s that will make it a whole lot less painful for you. We have attached a handy visual, and it’s worth having a look at to start you off.

Keep reading for some additional information that you might want to consider.

Before you even begin to look at a silo, you need to look at two main points;

  1. What is the length of your current auger setup?
  2. What commodity do you want to store?
The reason why these questions are important is because the answers will help you determine which silo you need.

Our gas-tight sealed Grain Silos will suit a range of cereal grains, and a slight change to the design can also accommodate for pellets which can give you a dual purpose, that way you’ll have the best of both worlds. Don’t forget that a number of pellet varieties shouldn’t be stored for long periods of time as they will lose their nutritional value, but its best to check with your manufacturer on this.

Our range of Fertiliser Silos will suit several types of fertilisers, and the tonnage you require will depend on the cubic metre capacity of the silo and the bulk density of the product that you intend on storing. 
So, if you want to maximise your financial outlay as much as possible, there is also the ability to utilise our Fertiliser Silo for dual purpose grain storage by having the optional extra of sealing and TICS added to this build.
What about the future though? Purchasing a silo is a large financial commitment, so being sure of what you require, and also what your future requirements will be is of added benefit.
You might be looking at a 10-year plan, and purchasing a range of silos for mixing feed, such as a feedlot setup, and the ability to add conveyors to your builds will greatly impact on what silo design you require now.
To be able to capture all the information we require to make sure we are manufacturing the best option for you, we do need to get as much of that information from you as possible. We want to make sure you are getting the best fit for purpose the first time, so things are hassle free.

Having your grain in a HE Silo is like having money in the bank – another one of my favourite mottos.

Until next time my friends.

Steve – the Silologist.