What to expect when you’re expecting……. A Silo

A utility truck from Grain Storage & Technology parked in front of several large, cylindrical grain silos under a cloudy sky.

Welcome back everyone and thanks for checking in!

Things certainly are ramping up here, our harvest schedule is being finalised, and boy will we be busy. With that, I thought this may be an ideal time to talk about all things delivery. Lately, we’ve had an influx of enquiries as people prepare for their silos to arrive.

There are several things that you as a customer can do to make the process run as smoothly as possible:

• It’s always handy for us to be sent an up-to-date map with any necessary instructions, especially for when we get nearer to your property.

• If your foundation is over 100mm high, it will need to be back filled to accommodate our trailer, this is essential

• Ensure all ramps/fences/gates/machinery are inspected and opened before our team arrives onsite

• Let us know if you have had any rainfall or things haven’t dried up enough. This is very important.

• Lastly, we need you to be onsite to accept the delivery and sign any paperwork. Be prepared to tell us where you want it and what direction you want it to face.

I’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions below.

What are the foundation requirements?

This is VERY important. Your concrete slab needs to be laid a minimum of 14 days prior to delivery and 28 days prior to filling. Not following these guidelines can void your warranty. You don’t need to make any provisions to the foundation, we will take care of all anchoring for your silo. Our team will be in touch prior to your silo being delivered and will ensure that it is ready.

Can I arrange my own freight or pilot/s?

Unfortunately, not for your silo. Silos are required to be freighted and installed by our experienced logistics team for insurance reasons. If you have ordered a field bin, there are circumstances where you can tow it home however, we advise that our customers get in touch with the RMS regarding any rules and regulations beforehand.

What can fit on a load?

Livestock Feeders 4 x 40 bag feeders
3 x 90 bag feeders
2 x 250 bag feeders
Field Bins 2 x 20FB or 30FB/FFB
1 x 40T or 50T as they are oversized loads
Silos It is possible to carry more than one silo; however it will depend on the size you require.

How long does it take between order and delivery?

That will depend on many things! On average, it will usually take about 2 months, but that can change depending on time of year, the type of silo you are having delivered and your location. If you are looking for a harvest delivery, we suggest having your order in before July.

What is the size of the load?

The trailer only has a 250mm ground clearance, this is a special design so that we can get your silos to you in an efficient manner. The height and width of the full load will entirely depend on what you have on order, check out our table below of the different product dimensions.

Diameter: Grain Silo Models: Fertiliser Silos Models:
2.4M 300S – 510S
3.0M 750S
3.7M 940S – 1700S F36 – F53
4.5M 2000S – 2800S F80
4.75M 3600S – 4830S F90

It is our number one priority to continue providing brilliant service to all of you, however sometimes we need a little help from you! Please do not hesitate to give our team a call if you have any enquiries regarding your delivery.

I think that’s all from me today! Ill be back in a few weeks to make sure you’re all harvest-ready.

Stay safe everyone!

Steve, the Silologist™