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Deciding to invest in on-farm storage is a big decision. This decision can also become quite overwhelming once you start to consider what extras you may want and/or need. Did you know that here at HE Silos we have a range of 15-20 accessories? Some accessories will come standard with your purchase, such as ladders and cages; however, there is also our optional range, including fumigation systems, aeration systems and more.

I’ve compiled and simplified our range of extras for you, which will hopefully make your decision easier! Read below to find out what it is, what it does and who needs it.

Ladders & Cages

All HE Silos’ grain, fertiliser and pellet and mash silos are made standard with complete ladders and cages in compliance with the Australian Standard AS1657. This inclusion is non-negotiable. These can be custom placed upon request to suit your individual set up and any equipment such as augers that will be used.  Anyone who is seeking to retrofit or replace ladders and/or cages to their already owned HE Silo is encouraged to get in touch with our team.

Cone Angle

Our entire range will have a cone degree as standard. This varies from 30⁰ on our larger transportable grain silos, all the way to 60⁰ on our pellet and mash range. It is important to note that special designs are available, with which the angle of your cone can be altered. When determining what angle will be best for you, the highest consideration should be on what you will store. Different types of feed will flow at varying rates, a steeper cone may be required to ease blockages and increase the flow rate.

Sight Glasses

All our silos will come with one sight glass located in the top ring. Sight glasses (as the name suggests) give you increased visibility within your silo. This is a simple and safe way to monitor your grain levels. Here at HE Silos, we notice a lot of people requesting to have additional sight glasses retrofitted to their existing silos. It’s also incredibly common for people to request sight glasses be in every second ring of their silo upon construction.

Thermal Insect Control System

Also referred to as TICS™, the Thermal Insect Control System is our award-winning, innovative fumigation system that prioritises on-farm safety and efficiency. Having undergone extensive testing by Charles Sturt University, TICS™ is found to meet, maintain, and exceed the GRDC recommended Phosphine gas levels for effective fumigation. A HDPE pipe runs the entire height of the silo avoiding the need to climb the silo while handling dangerous chemicals. Not only that, the system evenly distributes the Phosphine throughout your grain in a far more effective manner than its more traditional counterparts. TICS™ can also be retrofitted to existing storage.


Aeration uses fans and ducting to blow outside (ambient) air through grain. For aeration cooling, small fans and ducts are efficient. Ambient air selected will usually be from cool night and morning times with a relative humidity (RH) of less than 85%. Aeration cooling significantly reduces mould and insect development. With the potential to even out moisture, increase storage longevity and reduce spoilage, aeration is one of the best tools to maintain grain quality.

Sealed Silos

Having a sealed silo is necessary to give you the ability to fumigate your grain. Sealable silos give you greater control of your storage and will create a controllable atmosphere. HE Silos will pressure test your sealed silo before it leaves our yard and once again upon delivery. ALL fumigation should be completed in a fully sealed silo, failing to do so will waste time and money, expose the surrounds to dangerous chemicals and will lead to increased Phosphine resistance of pests.

Bagging Chute

Chutes are used for hand bagging directly from your silo. These can be fitted anywhere around the cone of your silo upon request. Bagging chutes are suitable for anyone who intends to access small amounts from their silo rather than accessing their full stored amount within a relatively small time frame.

Auger Boot

Galvanised steel auger boot, designed to strap directly onto the bottom of your silo. Can be designed to fit standard augers up to SIZE OF AUGER THAT WILL SUIT

Blower and Breather Kits

Blowers and breathers are available for our pellet and mash range of silos. They work by creating an air flow to ease resistance when unloading. Pellet and mash silos are specifically designed for store a wide variety of feeds and mixes; however different feeds will have different needs. Without a blower and breather set up, there is additional risk of structural damage and it will also greatly slow down the emptying process.


Openings include the top opening, manhole and your slide handle. These can be custom placed where will be most convenient for usage. The usage of augers should be considered when choosing placement of your openings and slide handle.

For more information on our range of products and Lead time this harvest, contact our Sales Team today! Phone 1800 046 046 or email

See you all next time!

Steve, The Silologist