Innovation Update Feat. Our Time at Agrihack

Our Experience at the 2018 Agrihack

This year, Agrihack had three challenges regarding Grain Storage; Meat Chicken Weight Measurement; and Inspiring Older Farmer/Fishers to create Opportunities for the next Generation, judged by four well known industry leaders. Larry Storm our Operations Manager was among these judges and here is what he had to say about the event.

Silologist: How did you become a judge for Agrihack?
LS: HE Silos and Grain Storage Technology was a major sponsor of Agritech, this is our second year of involvement and being a sponsor allows a seat at the Judges Table.
Silologist: What are the benefits of being involved?
LS: Not only is it great for our business to see such creative ideas, it is also gratifying to help mentor students and challenge their minds and to steer them in the right direction. It is also fantastic seeing what they come up with.

Silologist: What made you choose this challenge?
LS: Our challenge came about by recognizing a need for a simple yet cost effective solution to solve an issue in grain silos that has never been addressed by the industry, to help reduce moisture mitigation.

Grain Storage Technology was a 2018 Sponsor for Agrihack offering those who attended the opportunity to intern at the Forbes Headquarters and learn all things Engineering, Marketing, Research & Development and the Production of grain storage.

For more information on this years hackathon, visit Agrihack’s website or follow them on Facebook.