You Reap What You Sow

Reap what you sow, because every grain COUNTS
Even though there are no major drivers of a strong or weak weather pattern, what we are seeing is a 50/50 pattern. There is a chance of 50% above average rainfall for this period to June. (It also means that there is is 50% chance of below average rainfall, but I choose to weigh in on the side of optimism).
A neutral pattern can be in fact good news. This usually means there is little chance for those extreme weather patterns- extreme rainfall or extreme dry. And this is good news in relation to extreme flooding or drought.  A Neutral pattern usually sees variable rainfall, and while we hope for indicators to show us if the weather will be mainly wet or dry, or hot or cold, this still gives us good information for making decisions for the upcoming seasons.

And this will require taking all your variables into account. Your subsoil moisture, your stock carry, your water situation, and depending on if you have a high risk attitude. This neutral pattern may be what comes down on the side of sowing a risker crop, or making a more conservative decision.

So you then look to your grain storage needs.
With the prediction from senior Grain Storage consultant Peter Botta, that within 10 years, all grain harvested in Australia will be stored on farm, grain storage will remain a very hot topic with farmers, whether it be storage and segs for future marketing, or storage for stock feed. Being able to store at harvest and utilise on farm stocks at a moment’s notice is to the farmer’s benefit.

Farmers are seeing that the major bulk handlers are not having invested in their receival sites enough to compete with the grain coming off at harvest, and farmers are frustrated at the choke hold this presents. 

With the ability to have a range of storage requirements, HE Silos can partner with farmers for their specialised needs suited to their farming operation. With an emphasis on grain hygiene, HE Silos has a range of sealed silos for this purpose. At the end of the day, grain is food. It may feed stock, it may go directly to the human food consumption market, so making sure your storage needs compete hygienically in regards to food safe storage will be the main priority.

And at the end of the day, 50% is just another number, and you know your farm and your situation better than anyone else can. With the information you have from previous years, even decades, utilising all the tools you have, and this will assist in making a decision that’s right for you.

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