We manufacture a range of optional extras for all our products. All our products come equipped with sight glass, ladders with the appropriate cages.

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HE Aeration System

Benefits of having Aeration:

  • Sustains and maintains grain quality.
  • Controls and evens out moisture.
  • Reduces and controls insect activity
  • Increasing grain storage length.

*recommend multiple units to increase air flow 

Close-up of a stainless steel industrial fan motor mounted on a metal structure in an outdoor setting.

ModelDescriptionLitres per secondEngineRecommend Models
AER5030 to 90 tonnes190 litres per second @ 500 pascals0.37kw940 to 2800
F36 to F80
AER10090 to 130 tonnes380 litres per second @ 500 pascals0.37kw3600 to 4830
AER150130 to 200 tonnes480 litres per second @ 500 pascals1.5kw160t5.6D
AER250200 to 300 tonnes700 litres per second @500 pascals2.2kw260t7.5D to 500t9.3D*

EAZYAER Contoller

The EasyAer controller gives you all the functionality of a full system but the convenience of plug and play that does not require an electrician to install.

It is supplied with a 15amp inlet to connect your own extension lead and simply plug in your aeration fans into the weather proof 10amp outlets and you are ready to go.

The EasyAer controller is a time proportioning, logging controller and will take the guess work out of the set point control and move the set points for wet and dry bulb to match the ambient weather conditions.

    Agridry easyaer

    Grain Monitoring

    Grain Storage Technology Grain Monitoring Senors

    CO2 Sniffer


    • Earliest possible grain spoilage detection of insects and fungus.
    • Reduce losses due to unwanted biologic activity
    • Improve possibilities for grain management to take correct decisions earlier
    • Operates with the iGRAIN Smart APP

    Temperature and moisture Sensor Lance


    • Superior digital technology
    • Moisture, Temperature and Moisture + Temperature Lances
    • Flexible fiberglass rods
    • For Hand-Held Reader and iGRAIN Network Systems
    • A variety of connection cables for the lances i.e. lance to junction box / Sub-Hub, lance to hand-held reader and lance to lance in various lengths and for outdoor installation.

    iGrain ALL-IN-ONE sensor cable


    • Temperature monitoring, Grain moisture monitoring, Bin head space moisture monitoring, Grain level monitoring and iGrain CO2 Sniffer
    • Total advanced monitoring with a simplified system
    • Intelligent use of sensor technology reduces the monitoring requirement


    Monitering CO2 Hot Spots graphic