Field Bins

Our Field Bins provide our customers with the versatility they require at peak periods for short term grain storage and mobility.

With the range of sizes, and choices of grain field bins, or fertiliser field bins, our products provide superior quality and value for money.

DescriptionModel NumberCone°Fill HeightDiameter
Field Bin Grain 20t20FB23m³30°2.9m3.7m
Field Bin Grain 30t30FB35m³30°3.1m4.5m
Field Bin Grain 40t40FB51m³30°3.5m5.25m
Field Bin Grain 50t50FB58m³30°3.7m5.49m
Field Bin Fertiliser 20t20FFB23.8m³40°3.1m4.5m
Field Bin Fertiliser 30t30FFB36.5m³40°3.4m4.5m
Field Bin Grain Auger 30t30AFB35m³40°3.4m4.5m
Field Bin Rice 30t30RFB36.5m³40°3.65m4.5m