Livestock Feeders

All HE Silos Feeders are equipped with skid mounts for easy towing throughout your farm, featuring adjustable skirts to optimize feed rates when using supplemental feeding.

Feeders for Cattle, Sheep and Chickens are available in a range of sizes to suit your current feeding operation. HE Silos also produces a Bale Feeder to optimize roughage feeding with minimal loss or wastage.

DescriptionModel NumberTonneCone°HeightRoof DiameterTrough Circ.
40 Bag Cattle Lick Feeder40BCLF2t3.5m³45°2.4m3.5m7.25m
90 Bag Cattle Lick Feeder90BCLF5t7.6m³45°2.7m4.1m9.75m
250 Bag Cattle Lick Feeder250BCLF15t26m³45°4.2m4.4m9.75m
40 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder40BSLF2t3.5m³45°2.4m3.5m7.25m
90 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder90BSLF5t7.6m³45°2.7m4.1m9.75m
250 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder250BSLF15t26m³45°4.2m4.4m9.75m
Chicken FeederCHF0.2t45°600mm620mm
Round Bale FeederRBF1.58m2.13m
Square Bale Feeder exc. LidSQBFNL1.25m8x4 Bale
Square Bale Feeder inc. LidSQBFWL1.7m8x4 Bale