Fertiliser Silos

All Fertiliser Silos are designed and treated internally to protect against the corrosive nature of fertilisers. With a 40° cone to enable efficient unloading, they can also be utilised for grain storage, especially efficient in giving you a dual-purpose product when the silo is sealable and used in conjunction with TICS.

Model NumberTonneCone°HeightDiameterAuger LengthCone to Ground
F3626/40t36m³40°5.5m3.7m13m (43')570mm
F4434/51t44m³40°6.3m3.7m13m (43')550mm
F5340/60t53m³40°7.2m3.7m13m (43')550mm
F8060/92t80m³40°7.6m4.5m15m (49')550mm
F9069/102t90m³40°7.8m4.75m15m (49')550mm