Pellet & Mash Silos

Our Pellet and Mash Silos are the cornerstone of your feeding operation. They are designed to store a variety of feed mixes including Pellets, Mash and mixed grains, the 60° cone provides ease of flow for variations encountered in feed mixes.

Combined with our blower and breather kits, customers are able to maximize their stock feed manufacturers unloading process for efficiency and good hygiene practices.

Model NumberTonneCone°HeightDiameterAuger LengthCone to Ground
6m³X60°3.9t6m³60°4.3m1.8m9m (30')690mm
12m³X60°7.8t12m³60°4.9m2.4m11m (36')625mm
16m³X60°10.4t16m³60°5.8m2.4m11m (36')625mm
20m³X60°13t20m³60°6.6m2.4m13m (43')625mm
30m³X60°19.5t30m³60°7.2m3.0m15m (49')710mm
42m³X60°27.3t42m³60°7.6m3.5m15m (49')640mm
55m³X60°35.7t55m³60°8.4m3.7m17m (56')600mm
65m³X60°42.2t65m³60°8.8m3.9m17m (56')610mm
80m³X60°52t80m³60°9.5m4.3m17m (56')760mm
100m³X60°65t100m³60°10.4m4.3m19m (62')760mm