Introducing Grain Storage Technology

Grain Storage Technology Pty Ltd was conceived to manage our growth into the international market space. 
HE Silos is our recognised brands of silos in Australia, and will retain as our core business for the Australian Market.
Together Grain Storage Technology and HE Silos aim to provide our consumers with innovative designs focused on safety, efficient operation and technologies to protect your stored products.
HE Silos’ will continue to focus on manufacturing and delivering grain storage silos.
Grain Storage Technology will focus on, Design, Innovation, Research, Distribution, Consultation, Regulation, Sales and solutions for grain storage silos and management systems.
Grain Storage Technology and HE Silos will continue to supply the extensive HE Silos branded product range including Grain silos, Fertiliser Silos, Pellet & Mash Silos, Field Bins, Livestock Feeders and our award-winning TICS™ – Thermal Insect Control System for delivery silo fumigants safely and efficiently.
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