ANFD Review With the New Girls on the Block.

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Our New Girls ANFD Review

Jessica Byrnes (left) and Gabrielle Sands (right) started earlier this year with HE Silos Forbes as our Business Trainees. As part of their progressive learning, Jessica and Gabrielle had the opportunity to attend the Australian National Field Days, this is their story –

My First Year, My First Field Days 
By Jessica Byrnes

HE Silos Forbes attended the Australian National Field Days at Borenore, near Orange in New South Wales again this year – my first year and first field day with the company. Even with the extremely dry conditions Australia is enduring now, it was anticipated this year’s field day would bring in many interested farmers, and true to word, many came and spoke with us.
It was great to finally put faces to names and to meet new clients and their families. Everybody we spoke with came with a story to tell, from their experience on farm to minor or major weather events that occurred in their region.
Several farmers who spoke with us described the conditions of their land, ranging from a green drought to nothing but dirt. Some mentioned the struggles of farming life, though preferred to keep the conversation positive and enjoy the fine weather and excellent exhibits the ANFD had to offer.
The general consensus shared among farmers in regards to the weather was that Australia, particularly New South Wales, would not receive meaningful rainfall until June 2019. Many farmers who spoke with us were sceptical, although still hoping for significant rainfall in the coming weeks and months; however, there were a few who were needing the rain to hold off while they harvest what crops they have. Even in these dry conditions, there are farmers across the state who have received enough rain at the right time to enable their crops a fighting chance, with some considerable crops out there.

It was terrific to see everybody enjoying themselves and their time at the field day. We are looking forward to next year’s field day and holding out hope for plenty of rainfall across Australia in the coming months.

Rewarding Experience  
By Gabrielle Sands

On Friday 26th of October, I was able to attend The Australian National Field Day in Borenore. As I arrived I was overwhelmed with excitement and curiosity of what the day would hold for me. I was lucky enough to have Karen, my sales manager, by my side with her many years of experience to guide me through the day.
Throughout the day, I spoke with many farmers from local areas. I was blessed to hear their different farming stories and experiences, learning as I go a little more from each person, really made my experience at the Australian National Field Days more rewarding.

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