HE celebrates #AGDAY the right way

Last Week, on November 21st, we celebrated National Agriculture Day. 

HE Silos believes it is important to celebrate National Agriculture Day, to give thanks back to all our Farmers as they are the heart of Australia.
Farmers are the main reason we are able to enjoy safe, nutritious produce all year round. Farmers help in many different aspects, it could be helping feed and clothe a growing population; protecting our environment; creating jobs in remote communities or donating to food relief.

There are Approximately 85,000 farming business in Australia, 99% which are Australian owned and operated. 
Each year, 1 Australian farmer produces enough food to feed around 600 people. Australian farmers produce almost 93 percent of Australia’s daily domestic food supply.

As Australians, we need to support our national farmers so today, we ate Australian Made, Grown and Own food. A delicious Aussie BBQ. How did you celebrate AGDAY? Leave your comments below.

#AGDAY18 #GrowForGood