A Year in Review for HE Silos

Larry the Operations Manager attending the agritech hackathon; Agrihack in 2018.

Reflecting on 2018, HE Silos has accomplished many great achievements. Over the course of the year, The Silologist and the team at HE Silos have travelled far and wide, met many wonderful people, attended various events and built a tonne of silos.

Larry our Operations Manager attended the agritech hackathon; Agrihack. Agrihack is an event that brings together people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who donate their time to make a positive difference in the agriculture industry. Larry had the honour to judge the event where he was able to witness the creativity, innovation and generation of new ideas to solve challenges within our industry.

In May, Larry and Stevie our Office Manager attended the Western Business Awards where HE Silos’ and its team were nominated across 3 categories. Stevie was nominated for Outstanding Young Employee, Larry for Outstanding Business Leader and the company for Excellence in Business. During the course of the evening, HE Silos won Excellence in Business which resulted in them becoming a finalist for the November NSW State Awards.

The team at HE Silos attended various Field Days such as the Henty Machinery Field Days and Australian National Field Days in Orange this year. Despite the drought within the community, both events held their own as numbers were higher than previous years. HE Silos loves attending such events to interact and gain invaluable feedback on our products, how we conduct business which ultimately motivates us to innovate, redesign and change our business practices to ensure we remain focused on providing our customers a great product with great service!

In August, HE Silos was lucky enough to have Malcolm Turnbull the 29thPrime Minister of Australia plus Deputy Prime Minister; Mr Michael McCormack, Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources; Mr David Littleproud, and the Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government; Mr John McVeigh. It was such a privilege to host the official announcement of additional government assistance for drought stricken farmers.

HE Silos would not be able to build or deliver our products without our dedicated workshop team. Thank you to our wonderful staff members who without them we would not be able to grow, innovate or provide the level of service we need to remain successful, for those behind the scenes employees, we pride ourselves in recognising the efforts of our staff. In July 2018, we congratulated our “Employee of the Year” Adrian Cole. Adrian is a committed, optimistic and enthusiastic person creating great workplace culture, which flows through all the staff. Congratulation to Jason Wilson and Patrick Hanstock as second and third place for showing consistent commitment and enthusiasm throughout the year. Also some wide congratulations to all of the well-deserved winners of our “Employee of the Month” throughout 2018.

In November, HE Silos celebrated National Agriculture Day or AgDay which is a day to give thanks to Australian Farmers. The Team at HE Silos celebrated by hosting a delicious Aussie BBQ from 100% Aussie products supporting local farmers.

In December, HE Silos had the privileged of hosting a range of Seniors Leaders from a range of different backgrounds from Canberra. Over the course of the day, our MD Steven Morrison spoke regarding HE Silos and the work we do, products we make and the hurdles we cross. These leaders visited HE Silos as part of the Rural Initiative Scheme.

Overall, HE Silos thanks all of the wonderful support from our local community, the backing of our tremendous suppliers and the ever endorsement of our amazing customers.

HE Silos is looking forward to 2019, celebrating our 50th Birthday with continual innovation, the launch of a new product and the commencement of new projects.

Let me also take this opportunity to wish you all a Safe and Merry Christmas with family and friends!  

The Silologist™